Can your dog and cat get along?

Image result for Can your dog and cat get along?

Your family isn’t complete without your furry friends. You’re used to having a dog around the house, but you will soon be adding a cat to your household as well. How can you help them get along?

While the traditional viewpoint is that cats and dogs are adversaries, they don’t necessarily have to be. The key to helping them get along is in your supervision and guidance as they get to know one another. This way, you will be able to take note of trouble areas and help to smooth them over. You want them to think of one another as companions, and refrain from competing with one another for resources or attention. This will require a lot of vigilance on your part to make sure their individual needs are met, including solitude when their moods call for it. For more information, please contact your local Cameron Park, CA vet.


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