Bringing a new kitten home

Bringing a new kitten home

Your family is getting ready to bring your very first kitten home, and you can’t wait for your little fur ball to officially become a part of your family. However, you know that this will be a big transition for her. How can you help her get used to everything?

Your new kitten won’t be quite sure what to make of her new environment or the people in it for a little while. After all, it is likely quite different to the space she was in before. Consider showing her around so she knows where everything she needs will be, then giving her some space to process everything in her own time and in her own way. This will allow her to take the time to relax without being too overwhelmed with unfamiliarity. Make sure her care is consistent, so she can become confident in her needs being met regularly. For more information, please contact your Frisco, TX veterinarian.


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