Conjunctivitis in Quaker Parrots

Have you heard of conjunctivitis also known as pinkeye? It’s common in people and it’s common in birds like the Quaker parrot. This particular eye disorder tends to develop from bacteria found in the eye. It may cause red or swollen eyelids and cause your bird to squint and avoid bright lighting. Crustiness of the eye, weepy eyes, respiratory distress, constant scratching of the eye, and even tail bobbing may also be symptoms. Conjunctivitis can also be a symptom of another condition in your pet bird including respiratory infections. Always call your vet right away if you notice your bird’s eyes are swollen, red, or closed constantly. Your vet will most likely need to see your bird in the office in order to provide a thorough diagnosis. Conjunctivitis can usually be treated by your vet Northwest Denver area, CO with an antibiotic eye drop or spray. Visit this website Animal Central Veterinary Clinic for details.


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