Papillon Dog Blankets: Water Proof, Water Resistant or Water Repellent ?

Papillon Dog Blankets

Are you looking to buy your Papillon dog a durable outdoor blanket or coat that can withstand rain and even water to an extent? If so, you will need to become familiar with the terms used to describe the size, thickness, and durability of a blanket. One of the main things you will need to know when searching for the right blanket or sheet is whether you should be looking for something that is water proof, water resistant or water repellent. Water resistant offers the lowest level of protection against water entering through the blanket. Water repellent simply means the blanket repels water, but it does not completely keep it out. Water proof is the highest level of protection against water in that it does not allow water to penetrate the blanket layers and will keep your Papillon dry. Call your veterinarian Fort Collins, CO, or visit their Company Page for additional information.

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