Secondhand Smoke and Your Cat

Secondhand Smoke and Your CatWe know that secondhand smoke is dangerous to humans but we may forget about our feline companions. Since your indoor cat spends her whole life in your home she can’t get away from secondhand smoke ever. This can lead to respiratory issues, the effects of nicotine and even some cancers. And your cat’s exposure is much more than airborne. As the smoke settles on your furniture, rugs and drapes, your cat can absorb toxins through her feet, her belly and other exposed areas of skin. The smoke also settles on your cat herself so she ingests the toxins every time she grooms herself. Obviously the best solution for your cat is to keep smoke out of the house entirely. However, at the very least wash drapes, blankets and all your cat’s fabric belongings often. Steam clean your carpets to remove tobacco toxins. And air out your home frequently. Contact your vet San Antonio, TX to learn more.


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