Signs That Indicate Your Female Cat Is In Heat

A female cat that has not been spayed will experience her first heat when she reaches puberty, and will continue to undergo heat cycles, until she is spayed or becomes pregnant. If you don’t want your cat to become pregnant, you should keep her in a secured room once she displays signs of heat. Take note that, a cat that is in heat will go to any lengths to get outside the house in search of a potential mate.

Owners of female cats that are in estrus or heat have to contend with the constant noise that their pets are making; these female cats also tend to engage in more than normal rubbing up against people and objects.

A cat’s heat period or estrus usually lasts for around seven days, or longer. When a female cat that is in heat is allowed to go outdoors during this time of sexual receptivity, she may mate several male cats (tom) and later give birth to a litter from each of those toms (a term referred to as ‘superfecundation’).

If you don’t want to deal with your pet’s heat and pregnancy woes, you should consult your vet Springdale, ON about having your female cat spayed.


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