Are You a Responsible Dog Owner?

Deciding to bring home a dog means you are seriously committing to a responsibility that will involve meeting your pet’s basic needs every day for his entire lifetime.

Responsibilities of a pet owner

  • Committed for the long haul

Bringing home a pet should never be made on an impulse. Careful deliberation and evaluation of your lifestyle and resources should be undertaken before making the decision.

  • Can devote time for regular interaction and training

You should have enough time each day to interact and bond with your pet. Basic training, such as housetraining and obedience training, will take time; so make sure you can devote your time and attention to these needs.

  • Provide proper pet identification

In addition to ID tags attached to your pet’s collar, you should think about having your pet fitted with a microchip, which is the most reliable method of pet identification.

Consult with your Springdale, ON vet if you have questions and/or concerns about microchips and pet identification. More details here:


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