Keeping Your Senior Cat Healthy

Senior cats need to be closely monitored for any symptoms of age-related problems. They will need to be taken for more visits to the vet not only for wellness checks but also for monitoring of pre-existing health issues and to assess the effect of medications that have been prescribed. Your senior cat would also benefit from mini-physical exams that you can perform during grooming or cuddling sessions. Use your thumb or forefinger to gently raise the cat’s upper lips so you can examine his teeth and gums. As he rubs his head against your hand, try checking out his ears. Handling and petting your kitty will give you an opportunity to check his body for any bumps and lumps that were not there before.

Even if they are already in their golden years, senior cats still try their best to conceal any signs of pain until there is already extreme pain and/or complications have set in. Be sure to have your senior cat regularly checked by your Brampton, ON veterinarian.

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