Dog-Proofing Your Home

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Your dog relies on you to keep him safe. Examine your home from your dog’s point of view. Check that he can move freely without knocking things over or getting caught on anything. Cover electric cords and tie up blind cords to prevent electrocution or strangulation. Research any plants or flowers in your home and remove any that are toxic. Store all household, lawn and auto chemicals securely. Follow all product instructions and clean up spills promptly. Consider using pet-safe versions of these products if available. Keep all pet and human medications out of reach and in child-proof containers. Understand what human foods are dangerous to your dog and make sure no one feeds him any of these foods. Secure the garbage can where he can get dangerous foods and wrappers that smell like food. Most importantly, learn more from your Garden City, NY veterinary clinic on how to keep your dog safe.


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