Treating FeLV in Turkish Angora Cats

Turkish Van Cat, lying down, looking over shoulder

If you own a Turkish Angora or any other breed of cat then you may have heard about the FeLV or the Feline Leukemia Virus that affects all breeds of cats. There is no cure for this virus. You should, however, have your Turkish Angora tested regularly. In some cases if the disease is caught early the cat is able to respond better to treatment or even be able to resist the virus. If your cat has FeLV protecting him from secondary infections is also important since as the FeLV virus can cause a suppressed immune system in cats. Cats that develop lymphoma or other types of cancer may be able to receive chemotherapy, which could lengthen their quality of life. Most treatment options from your vet Lansing, MI are meant to help keep your cat comfortable and to provide a positive quality of life for as long as possible. For more information, visit us now.


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