Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down on Command

Image result for Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down on Command

Teaching your dog to lie down on command gives you a way to get your dog to relax and positioned close to the floor. Start training when your dog is alert but not overly excited. Command that your dog sit. Hold a food treat in front of your dog’s nose to get his attention. Move the treat forward and down so your dog needs to lower himself down and stretch out to keep following it. Say your dog’s name followed by the DOWN command. As soon as your dog approximates a lying down position, give him the treat and lots of praise. Practice this often and get pickier on how well your dog performs the command. Delay the time between the behavior and receiving the treat. Gradually reduce and then eliminate the treats so you dog lies down with your command and praise alone. Learn more from your Carteret County, NC veterinary clinic.


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