Litter Problems of Senior Cats

Even if they have been toilet-trained as a kitten, litter box problems are quite common among senior cats.  If you have a senior cat, knowing the potential challenges in your pet’s toilet habits will help you deal with them accordingly.

  • Senior cats become fussier about doing their business in a clean and odor-free litter box. They also want more privacy. Although they may have tolerated less-than perfectly clean litter boxes while they were still younger, senior cats may soon avoid using them if they are not kept immaculately clean.

  • A senior cat may become choosier about cat box fillers; so if you found one your cat loves, don’t attempt to switch to another brand or type.

  • Lose of bladder tone is just one of the age-related changes that can occur with old age. Thus, many senior cats have reduced capacities to hold their urine long enough to reach the nearest litter box. To prevent potty accidents, litter boxes should be placed in strategic places around the house for easier access.

Considering that senior cats can suffer from a variety of age-related problems, regular visits to your best pet clinic Cedar Rapids, IA are of prime importance.


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