Administering Pills to your Affenpinscher

Image result for Administering Pills to your Affenpinscher

Giving a dog like the Affenpinscher a pill is not an easy task. If your vet prescribes a pill medication or even as a vitamin, make sure it’s chewable. If it’s not, ask for assistance in how to effectively administer a pill to your pup. Some pet owners have found that placing the pill in a ‘pill pocket’ or soft treat will do the trick. You can also try mixing the pill in your dog’s food or even covering it in peanut butter before giving it to him. If disguising the pill doesn’t work, you may need to place the pill in your dog’s mouth yourself. In most cases, the pill is placed on the back of the dog’s tongue and then you hold the dog’s mouth closed until he swallows. Ask your vet to demonstrate this. If you still have trouble, request a liquid medicine from your vet South Lansing, MI.


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