Tips for Making Your Cat’s Litter Last Longer

Image result for Tips for Making Your Cat's Litter Last Longer

If you’re dumping out your cat’s litter all the time, you’re probably spending more money at the pet store than you’d like. Is there any way you can make your cat’s litter last longer so you can save money at the store?

It’s all about scooping. The more you scoop, the longer you can make the litter last. If you scoop at least once a day, you can get rid of soiled litter and replace it with a little new, which means you don’t have to replace the whole box as often.

Of course, you can always buy a cheaper litter, but you may discover that your cat doesn’t like it. It could be too dusty, or the texture could be wrong. Instead, mix cheap litter with your cat’s favorite litter and he’ll be more likely to use it.

Your vet Sayville, NY can provide you with more litter tips.


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