Is It Normal for a Cat to Snore?


It isn’t uncommon for humans to snore. Even some dogs are pretty good snorers! But, what about cats? Is it normal for them to snore?

There are some cases when it’s completely normal for your feline friend to snore. If your cat is sleeping very deeply, you may notice he’s a bit more noisy than normal. In addition, cats with flat faces tend to snore more than other breeds.

Unfortunately, there are some instances when snoring isn’t normal. If your cat has trouble with nasal discharge, or he sneezes a lot, he could have a respiratory infection. If your furry friend coughs a lot while he’s awake and snores while he’s sleeping, he could have polyps in his nasal passages.

If your cat snores when he sleeps, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your vet Minnetonka, MN to make sure everything is okay.


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