Keeping your dog’s coat looking its best

Keeping your dog_s coat looking its best
One of the most noticeable features your dog has is her coat, and you want to make sure your pet is not only looking her best, but is also as comfortable as she can be in her own skin. How can you do this?

Your dog needs to be fed a healthy diet in order to maintain a healthy coat. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality foods and treats on the market designed to help with this. There are also ways you can help her, like by bathing her with a dog-friendly shampoo when needed and brushing her regularly. Some dogs may need to see a professional groomer from time to time, as their breed may require their fur to be trimmed to be manageable or to maintain a certain look. Your local Greensboro, NC vet or the Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt can offer additional guidance.


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