Injury to a Dark-Eyed White and Sable Ferret’s Eye

Injury to a Dark-Eyed White and Sable Ferret’s Eye.png

Do you own a ferret like the Dark-Eyed White and Sable ferret? If so, then you probably already know how these small creatures like to play rough and can sometimes get hurt. Because of their size, ferrets often receive eye injuries more than other types of injuries. Signs of an eye injury can include crusty eyes, watery eyes, discharge, cloudy eyes, protruding or bulging eyes, and red or irritated eyes. These symptoms could be from a variety of causes. Generally, there is some type of trash or debris in the eye causing the irritation. Your vet may ask you to check your ferret’s eye for any sign of debris or an eyelash that may be stuck in the eye. If you find something, you may be instructed to flush the eye in order to remove the object. If there isn’t anything in the eye, an eye exam with your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ may be required.


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