Choosing a crate for your dog

Your dog is a big part of your household, and you want him to have a place all his own within your living space. A crate can easily offer this to him, and it allows you to be at ease knowing your pet is comfortable.

To find the right crate for your pet, you will first need to look at two major things – the size of your little fur ball and the construction of the crate. Your pet’s size will determine the size of the crate needed, and if he is still growing you may want to opt for a crate that utilizes dividers and can grow with him. The construction, typically wire or plastic crates are used, will help you determine the type of interaction your pet will have with his environment while inside the crate. Some are very open, while others offer more privacy for dogs who prefer solitude. Your vet care Glendale, AZ can offer additional guidance.


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