What Is Alarm Barking ?

What Is Alarm Barking

Dogs have the reputation of being very territorial; they won’t hesitate to bark at anything – people, animals, or even objects— that they think are trying to enter their territory. Alarm barking is a natural behavior of canines, domestic or not, meaning it cannot be stopped; but the good news is, it can be controlled.

A dog that knows how to heed the “quiet” command can easily be made to stop barking when there are house guests or when your neighbor walks past your house.

When your dog launches into persistent barking, be quick to show him a favorite treat that you are holding. When he stops barking, say “quiet” in a calm but firm voice before offering him the treat.

With the help of a neighbor or a friend whom your dog is not familiar with, repeat this setup several times, each time showing him a treat when he starts barking and issuing the “quiet” command before handing the treat. If he is already responding well to the “quiet” command, try saying it without the treat. If he has successfully learned the command, he will be quick to stop barking.

You should seek professional help from your trustworthy vet clinic Marietta GA or professional dog trainer when you are dealing with deeply-rooted behavior problems exhibited by your pet.


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