Can You Keep Two Dogs in the Same Kennel?

Can You Keep Two Dogs in the Same KennelThere’s no question that kennel training your dog can make him more comfortable, but it can make life more enjoyable for you too. The question is, can you put more than one dog in the same kennel?

Although it’s technically possible, putting two dogs in the same kennel is not a good idea. First, if one dog has potty problems and the other dog doesn’t, you’re setting up your potty trained dog for misery.

Getting stuck in close quarters is just asking for trouble, even if your dogs get along. After all, you don’t always want to be on top of your spouse or children! Your pets may end up getting into a fight if forced to spend a lot of time together in close quarters.

Putting them together can also make it more difficult to separate them later on. For more help kennel training your dog, speak to your veterinarian Colorado Springs, CO.


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