German Shepherds Should Not Eat Rocks

German Shepherds Should Not Eat Rocks

Does your German Shepherd or other canine love to explore the world around him by putting things into his mouth? Dogs are born with an instinct to retrieve, which drives their need to hunt and find new things to bring back to their owner. One item that German Shepherds and other dogs should never have in their mouth is a rock. Dogs that eat rocks on purpose tend to have a behavior called pica. This behavior is often the result of frustration, anxiety and stress. Signs that your German Shepherd may have swallowed rocks or some other foreign object include lethargy and a lack of appetite. It’s important to call your vet whenever your pup stops eating as it could signal a very minor or a very serious medical condition. In some cases, German Shepherds that swallow rocks must undergo surgery to remove the rocks before they enter the intestine. For more information, make a visit to your vet Aurora, CO.


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