Keeping your cat off tables and countertops

Keeping your cat off tables and countertops

Your cat is the ultimate explorer. She has likely been into portions of your home that you wouldn’t expect, and isn’t exactly shy about her love of high places, like your tables and counter tops. However, these may be places you wish she wouldn’t spend her time. How can you stop her from doing this?

Your pet likes these areas for a couple different reasons. They give her a good vantage point to survey the rest of the room, she sees you working atop these surfaces and wants to know what’s going on, and they are closer to your eye level allowing her to garner your attention more easily. Remove her from these spaces when she heads to them, but make sure to give her an alternate location to satisfy her curiosities from if you expect her to stay off them entirely.  Your local professional vets Savannah, GA can offer additional advice.


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