Adopting a Burmese Cat with Special Needs

If you’re looking to bring a Burmese cat into your home you may want to consider adoption. Shelters in or around your area may have a Burmese or similar cat in need of a forever home. Some shelters may even have long term cats that have not been adopted because of a physical disability such as blindness or loss of a limb. These Burmese cats are special needs cases that require extra care and time to provide for their care. If this is something you are able to provide, please look into these special cases. Most often animals with a disability find themselves on an unwanted or unadoptable list. If you’re not sure, try contacting a local shelter and speaking to other volunteers or adoptive families that have taken on a special needs case. Also find out in depth what the needs of the cat are and then talk with your vet Lansing, MI as well.


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