Why You Shouldn’t Give a Cat a Bath


Some animals really have to have baths. If you don’t want your dog to smell, he needs a bath, and even critters like ferrets need baths! What about cats? You really should try to avoid giving your cat a bath for a few reasons.

First, most cats don’t like water. Giving your feline friend a bath is going to be very uncomfortable for him, but that means it’s likely to be uncomfortable for you too. An unhappy, wet cat is likely to scratch and even bite!

Cats don’t really need baths because they groom themselves. After all, it’s uncommon for a cat to smell, so there’s really no reason for a bath! To encourage your cat to stay clean, keep him brushed and shave him, if necessary.

If your cat is a little dirty, a wet rag should do the trick. For help keeping your cat clean, ask your veterinary clinic Mt. Pleasant, SC for tips. Visit their Company Page to know more.


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