Teaching Your Parakeet to Step Up on Your Finger

veterinarian Oshawa ONTeaching your parakeet to step up on your finger gives you a method to take your bird out of the cage for exercise and while cage cleaning. It also helps develop a relationship of trust with your parakeet. Help your parakeet become comfortable by speaking softly or singing while sitting close to the cage. Drape your hand in the cage for your bird to explore. Take an extra perch and press it against your parakeet’s abdomen just above his feet while you say STEP UP. Practice this often and then try this same action but with your finger on top of the perch. Eventually you’ll be able to get your bird to step up on just your finger. Move your bird around the cage and out the door for a few seconds, building up to a regular method for handling your parakeet. For more information, contact your veterinarian Oshawa, ON.


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