Basic Dog Behavior Training

Basic Dog Behavior TrainingBehavior training teaches your dog what not to do, whereas obedience training involves teaching your dog certain behaviors you want him to do on command. For behavior training, pick behaviors that make sense for you and your family such as not jumping up on people, not begging at the table and not nipping at your hands or feet. The general technique is to deter your dog from doing the undesired behavior – turning quickly when your dog jumps up, not feeding your dog when he begs or yelping when his teeth touch your skin. Behavior training does not include punishment. Manage the behavior without fuss so he gets the message that this behavior is not allowed. Next redirect your dog to an approved behavior. If he is sitting by you, eating from his own bowl or chewing on a squeaky toy, he can’t be doing the bad behavior. Contact your Vet Clinic Oshawa, ON to learn more.

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