How to Treat Eye Infections in Eastern Box Turtles

Did you know that eye conditions or eye related illnesses can be a common occurrence in reptiles such as snakes, lizards and turtles? If you own an Eastern Box turtle or another kind of turtle, talk with your vet to learn about the different eye related illnesses that your turtle may be exposed to and find out how to avoid, prevent or treat these illnesses. Common symptoms of eye infections may include weepiness, discharge of mucous, irritation, swelling, and even completely closed eyes. It’s possible that your turtle has something in his eye and it needs to be flushed out. The eye could also have an infection. Most bacterial infections in the eye come from debris trapped in the eye or from an infection elsewhere. Not only can the eye infection travel to the respiratory tract, but the respiratory tract can send an infection to the eye. Talk with your best veterinarian Sauk Rapids, MN for more information.


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