Seizures in Longhair Syrian Hamsters

Seizures in Longhair Syrian Hamsters

Seizures can occur in small and large animals for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s genetic and sometimes it’s health related. If you believe your Longhair Syrian hamster is having seizures please call your veterinarian right away. If you’re not sure if your hamster is having a seizure or not, still call your vet. He can tell you what to look for. Hamsters do not have typical seizure symptoms or activity. Instead, your Longhair Syrian hamster may walk around with his head tilted. He may not go into convulsions or sporadic fits, but he may appear to be clumsy or unable to walk. It’s important to note your hamster’s normal behavior so when he’s acting off you’ll be able to tell right away. Once your hamster is at the vet he will most likely undergo tests to try and identity the cause of the seizure. From there your vet Livonia, MI will be able to prescribe treatment.


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