Sores on Your Dog’s Paws from Licking


Some dogs develop the bad habit of licking their paws until open sores form. The trigger that starts the licking could be arthritis, a parasite, a bacteria skin infection or even a skin allergy. Each of these issues requires medical attention. However, your dog may begin licking his paw over and over until it becomes a habit and more comforting than helpful in resolving the health issue. Act quickly under medical guidance to help heal the sores, stop the habitual behavior and resolve the causative condition. To help heal the sores you need to keep the wound clean, use an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory cream or even some oral antibiotic medications. The behavior can be managed with an Elizabethan collar (the cone of shame), wristbands or even some sedative drugs. Redirect your dog to other activities such as exercise or toy play to help keep him distracted from licking. Learn more from your Flushing, MI veterinary clinic.


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