Giving Your Havanese a Bath

Image result for Giving Your Havanese a Bath

The Havanese can be quite the hairy breed of canine. Even though they don’t shed and are considered hypoallergenic, they still are extremely furry and can get extremely dirty. If you own one of these cute fluff puffs then you’re probably aware of the number of baths and coat brushings they need each week. If your pup is new to the bath routine, start by introducing him to the bathing area ahead of time. If you use a bathtub, consider placing a rubber mat in the tub to keep him from slipping. Apply lukewarm water starting at the feet and working up. Squeeze shampoo into your own hands or directly on the dog’s back. Gently rub the lather into your dog’s coat avoiding the eyes and ears. Rinse your dog until the water runs clear of soap. Dry your dog thoroughly in a draft-free area. Ask your vet Crown Point, IN for additional tips and suggestions.


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