Lumps and Bumps on Your Dog


As you brush your dog or handle him, you may discover some unusual lumps and bumps. There is always the fear that these lumps and bumps could be cancer so you should seek medical attention. If the lump is soft and movable, it is most likely a fatty tumor. However, without a needle biopsy you have no way of knowing exactly what it is. If it is a fatty tumor, it can be left alone unless it causes your dog discomfort, impedes movement or you find it disturbing to look at. Of course, if a lump is found to be cancer, your dog will need treatment. A lump may also be a sebaceous cyst that is caused by a plugged oil gland. They may rupture and drain or not. They can be ignored unless they become infected or cause irritation. Learn more from your Conyers, GA veterinary clinic.


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