Watery Eyes in Basset Hounds


Canines of all breeds tend to have watery eyes or weepy eyes on occasion. In most cases this is just a common reaction to something in the environment. However, if your Basset Hound develops watery eyes on a constant basis or even has a yellow or green discharge coming from the eye as well then you should call your vet and schedule a checkup. In some cases your Basset may simply have debris in his eye causing it to be irritated. Your vet may recommend flushing your dog’s eye with fresh water or a veterinarian approved eyewash to clear the eye. If this doesn’t help then your vet may need to stain the eye to see if there is a scratch or other injury. In some cases, watery eyes are the result of allergies, an abnormal eyelash growth, or even a blocked tear duct. Your trusted veterinarians Wake Forest, NC will be able to treat the eye after a diagnosis.


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