How to Diagnose Feline Diabetes in Balinese Cats

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Only a veterinarian professional can diagnose your Balinese cat with diabetes. If you think your cat may have diabetes, call your vet to schedule an exam. A simple blood test is usually all that is needed to make a diagnosis. Signs or symptoms that indicate possible diabetes in your Balinese includes an increased appetite, weight loss, increased urination, and increased water consumption. If your vet determines that your cat does have diabetes then he will need to determine the progression of the disease in order to develop a treatment plan. Treatment for some cats may include insulin injections, oral medications and dietary changes for your cat. Additional medications may be prescribed should your cat develop other illnesses as a result of diabetes. Treatment may also include diet and exercise changes for your cat. For more information about diabetes and how it affects your Balinese cat, consult with your vet Katy, TX.


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