Dealing with a Muddy Dog

Many of us are excited when spring approaches, but that doesn’t mean we like the mess! Things can get pretty muddy in the spring, which means your dog is likely to get muddy too.

Have a plan of attack ready before you let your pooch in the door. Train him to sit patiently at the front door so that you can take a towel or a wet wipe and wipe his feet. You can also train him to wipe his own feet on the mat outside!

If he’s really muddy, you may have to get out the hose. To reduce the mess in your home, only spray those areas that are dirty.

To avoid the muddy mess altogether, you can have your pet wear booties! For more cleaning tips, ask your veterinarian Lakeville, MN for professional advice. Or visit this website Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital.



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