Setting up your Pionus Parrot’s Cage for Showing


After you’ve registered your Pionus Parrot for a bird show there will be several things you should do in order to prep your bird and his bird cage for the show. For instance, you may need to spend time setting up your bird’s show cage. Be sure the chosen show cage is cleaned and prepped. The cage should be spotless. The wire exterior bars should be glossy and shiny. The interior should also have a shine. There should be no dirt, stains or other spots anywhere in the cage. Make sure the perches are clean and tightly fitted in the cage. It’s a good idea to use water bottles attached to the cage instead of a water dish when showing to avoid a mess. In addition, experts highly recommend and somewhat insist that you feed plain seed only to avoid discoloring of your Pionus Parrot. Contact your trustworthy Sugar Land, TX vet for more information.


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