Pionus Parrots and the Importance of Exercise


Did you know that birds like the Pionus Parrot need exercise on a routine basis just like other household pets? Pionus Parrots, like other parrots, thrive when they have the opportunity to move around and burn off extra energy daily. Exercise also allows the Pionus Parrot to stretch his muscles both physically and mentally. Your vet can tell you that physical and mental stimulation are important for your Pionus Parrot’s overall health. If you’re just starting your Pionus Parrot out in an exercise routine, make sure you start slow and take your time working up to long workouts. Some examples of ways to exercise your Pionus Parrot include encouraging him to flap his wings, letting him out of his cage to roam around, encouraging him to go up and down steps, playing with toys, and even dancing. For additional tips and advice, talk with your veterinary clinic Sugar Land, TX.


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