Creating a Comfy Home for your Pionus Parrot


If you’re looking to purchase a Pionus Parrot, make sure you research what kind of habitat this bird prefers and then prepare the comfy home for your parrot before bringing him home. Pionus Parrots are typically pretty easy to house as long as their cage makes them feel safe and secure. Picking the right cage size is key. Some experts recommend a tall or long shaped cage so your bird can climb and even hang from the top of the cage. A minimum of two feet long is recommended. As for the width of the cage, make sure there is plenty of room for your Pionus Parrot to spread his wings. You should also make sure the bar spacing is appropriate and made out of a safe material in case your Pionus Parrot chews on it. For additional housing assistance for your bird, click here to consult your local vet Sugar Land, TX.


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