Why Your Cat Buries Her Waste


Whether your cat is inside or outside, she most likely will bury her waste. For inside cats, this can be a blessing since it disguises the odor somewhat. This also provides a clue to why cats bury their waste at all. In the wild, cats bury their waste to disguise their location and avoid unwanted attention especially if there are kittens nearby. This habit is also a part of your cat’s fastidious nature and helps her avoid stepping in it the next time she uses the litter box. The opposite is true too. If your cat does not bury her waste or eliminates outside the litter box, she may be trying to mark her territory or claim dominance, perhaps even over you. She may also feel ill and want your attention. In this case you should seek medical attention. Contact your Colorado Springs CO Briargate Blvd animal hospital for additional information.

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