Outdoor hazards for your pet

outdoor-hazards-for-your-petYour pet needs you to keep an eye out for her, as it is your responsibility to keep her as safe as she can be. What outdoor hazards should you keep an eye out for?

Your pet will likely want to explore your backyard, and this is definitely going to be a thorough exploration. This means that your pet is likely to find anything and everything within her reach. Take a look around, and make sure she isn’t able to get near anything dangerous. This will include sharp items, places she can get entangled within, toxic items, and generally hazardous things she shouldn’t be playing with. Check this space over often, as outdoor spaces can change frequently, particularly if other family members are utilizing the area as well. Also, make sure she will stay safely contained within the yard, and that you offer her proper supervision. For additional information, please contact your local veterinarian Greenville, SC.


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