How to Manage Canine Diabetes in Bulldogs


Canine diabetes can be a serious disease if not detected early and treated by a veterinarian professional. Once a diagnosis is made, your vet can put together a treatment plan for your Bulldog and discuss long term care. Some dogs may need insulin injections or pills, blood sugar checks and vet visits on a regular basis. If you become overwhelmed or need assistance contact your vet. Your vet and his staff may be able to provide additional training and information to help you feel more comfortable in administering insulin injections or checking your Bulldog’s blood sugar levels.  Your vet is here to help keep your dog stable and comfortable in his current stage of diabetes. In addition, your vet Westside, IN may suggest changes in your dog’s diet and increased exercise to help keep blood sugar levels low. In some cases, canine diabetes may be reversed with a change in diet and exercise. Learn more here.

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