Why your dog tries to venture out of your backyard


Your dog loves spending time with you, and you take pride in offering him a nice place to call home. Your living space is heavily utilized by your pet, and your backyard is one place he enjoys. If he loves being out there so much, why does he try to sneak beyond the perimeter from time to time?

Your pet isn’t really trying to escape from your backyard. He doesn’t really understand that the yard next to yours isn’t for him to play in, and he may want to see it up close. Your pet is also likely to have checked out your yard in its entirety, so he has seen everything a few times over and is looking for new areas to explore. The idea of getting lost away from home doesn’t really occur to him, so he sees nothing wrong with leaving the yard when he sees an opportunity. For more information, please contact your White Rock, TX vet.

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