Basic Dog Behavior Training


Behavior training is different than obedience training. Obedience training lets your dog know what you want him to do on command such as sitting, staying, coming or lying down. Behavior training teaches your dog what you don’t want him to do such as jumping up on people, begging at the table, digging in the yard and other undesirable behaviors. You need to deter your dog from the undesired actions and give your dog something appropriate to do. Screaming NO, NO, NO is not the answer. Quickly stop the action and reward your dog when he behaves well. Anticipate when your dog may do something undesirable, you can quickly command him to sit by you. If he is sitting, he can’t be doing the bad behavior. Be patient and treat your dog with kindness as you teach your dog. Learn more from your registered Colorado Springs CO vet clinic.


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