Why Are Some Cats So Vocal?

why-are-some-cats-so-vocalHave a cat that just can’t seem to be quiet? Some felines are just more vocal than others, but why?

First, it’s important to understand that cats meow in order to communicate with humans. Although they may make a few noises when communicating with other cats, they primarily communicate with their species by scent and visual cues.

Now, consider how you react to your cat’s incessant meowing. Do you answer back? Even if you answer in an unpleasant tone of voice, you’re still reinforcing your cat’s behavior. If you pet your cat, feed him, or play with him when he’s particularly loud, he’ll learn even more quickly that meowing will get him what he wants.

With a little patience, you can get your cat to stop meowing so much by not responding every time he makes a noise. For more help retraining your cat, schedule an appointment with your animal hospital Greensboro, NC.


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