Canine Flea Products to Avoid

canine-flea-products-to-avoidIt doesn’t matter what breed you have or how big or small your dog is, ever single canine needs effective flea medication. Unfortunately, not all flea medicines at the pet store will get the job done. Here are a few canine flea products to avoid.

If you really want to keep fleas at bay, don’t make your dog wear a flea collar. They may be effective around the neck, but they don’t protect your dog’s rear. Guess where all the fleas will congregate if your dog wears one? Choose a topical or oral medication instead.

Having trouble with fleas in your home? Flea powder may seem like an easy solution, but it’s not. Fleas can hide nearly anywhere, and you can’t sprinkle everything with powder. Use a flea bomb instead.

For more help dealing with a flea problem, ask your vet Greensboro, NC or The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt for professional advice.


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