Can You Leave Your Rat out of the Cage?

can-you-leave-your-rat-out-of-the-cageIt isn’t normal or healthy to keep your dog caged up in a kennel all the time, and you shouldn’t confine your cat to just one room in your home all the time, so why do we keep our smaller furry friends in cages? Can you leave your rat out of the cage?

You can technically leave your rat out of his cage, but not without doing a lot of work up-front. First of all, you have to make sure that there’s no way for your rat to escape. That means checking behind the refrigerator, plugging holes, and blocking the cracks behind furniture.

You also have to consider the fact that rats can’t exactly be potty trained. In a cage, you can get your furry friend to use a litter box, but when allowed to roam in a larger area, he’s likely to go potty wherever he feels like it.

Your veterinarian Greensboro, NC can tell you more.


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