What Causes Gingivitis in Dogs like the Jack Russell?

Gingivitis is often one of the first stages of periodontal disease. It is a disease of the gums that can result from an abundant buildup of food, tartar and plaque. Poor health, diet, and oral hygiene are among the primary causes of the disease and the most preventable causes. Routine dental cleanings, at home cleanings, and even feeding your dog crunchy snacks or dental treats can help breakdown plaque and tartar naturally. However there are some causes that cannot be prevented. Those include old age, crooked teeth, soft food, breathing through the mouth, bad chewing habits, uremia and diabetes, and autoimmune diseases which can trigger excessive plaque buildup. In these instances, having your Jack Russell seen regularly be a veterinarian dentist is the only way to keep the teeth clean and to detect any presence of gingivitis. For more details, talk with your vet Columbia, MD.

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