Tips For Successful Housetraining Of Dogs

Well-behaved dogs make good members of the pack, considering that there are house rules that everyone must obey in order to maintain a positive and harmonious atmosphere within the household.

Dogs instinctively seek the approval of their humans. They like pleasing their owners and it is their instinct that helps them strive to learn behaviors that their humans approve of.

All pet dogs should undergo proper housetraining and obedience training. The training regimen involves teaching basic rules which are essential in strengthening bonds between owners and their pets.

One of the earliest training regimens that every puppy should undergo is housetraining. This can go a long way in reducing, or even eliminating potty accidents around the home. Housetraining should start when a dog is about 3-4 months old. It is, however, possible to train puppies that are younger than 3 months old but they are still unable to have full control of their bowel and bowel.

Bring your pet to your Orangevale, CA veterinary clinic for regular wellness checks.



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