Medication Therapy for Pembroke Welsh Corgis with DM

As science continues to make headway in the area of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), vets will gain access to new treatment methods for the disease. Although a specific cure has not been discovered at this time, there are quite a few options to helping your Pembroke Welsh Corgi live a life with as much mobility as possible. Available medications to help slow the disease include N-Acetylcysteine (an antioxidant), Aminocaproic acid (inhibits the breakdown of fibrin needed for blood clots), Antiox-Q (vitamins and minerals to help the nervous system), and Antiox-QCB (like Antiox-Q but also contains an anti-inflammatory). Different types of physical therapy methods are also being used to treat DM. Although these methods will not cure your dog, they will keep him comfortable. For more information, click here, or talk with your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD.



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