Japanese Bobtail Cats and the Common Cold

Did you know if you snuggle up with your Japanese Bobtail while you have a cold that you could risk passing your cold to your cat? The common cold can affect cats, but not dogs. Why? Dogs typically can only catch a cold from other dogs. Cats; however, can easily pick up germs from people and spread them to other cats. The cold virus is actually able to attach itself to cells in the respiratory tract of your Japanese Bobtail cat similar to the way it does in humans. This makes your Japanese Bobtail and other cats highly susceptible to human colds. As a rule of thumb, make it a habit to wash your hands before and after handling your cat to avoid spreading germs. If you have a cold and notice your cat looks ill too give your veterinarian Columbia, MD a call and schedule a check-up. Click this website Claws N Paws Animal Hospital to learn more.



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