Protecting Your Pet Degu From Diabetes


Yes, degus are prone to developing diabetes especially if they are on a high-sugar diet.

When you bring home a new pet degu, avoid changing his diet especially during his first few weeks in his new home. Make sure to ask the seller about your pet’s diet and feed him the same type of food he has been eating before being brought to his new home.

Like other pets, your degu needs enough time to adjust to his new environment and switching his diet during the first few weeks can add further to the stress of adjustment.  Once you see that the degu is comfortably settling down, you may switch to a new diet but always remember to do it gradually.

A considerable part of a pet degu’s diet should be composed of good quality hay which should be easily accessible at all times. A new bale of hay should be available everyday while old and spoiled hay should be removed.

Your Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian can give you vital information about your pet’s dietary needs and how to meet them adequately. Visit website to know more.


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